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Thursday, February 09, 2006


The myriad possibilities in my heart
all disappeared when I met you.
Like shards in a kaleidoscope
spilled and strewn
with no more hope of illusion.
How is it that you
who are so vulgar,
could replace what was to become of me.
Walking in,
in your black, black jeans
darker than Death,
and smiling a crooked smile--
ominous, to be sure--
even Dracula could not have portended
a surer demise.
In a moment, I was tantalized
by eyes that blazed desire,
and didn't notice
that somehow in this exchange,
my future was forfeited.

©2006 b.cisek

myriad, adjective:1 : innumerable ; also : both numerous and diverse <myriad topics>; 2 : having innumerable aspects or elements
definition taken from merriam-webster online


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