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Saturday, December 31, 2005


Time rolls thunder:
clouds clash
as this year confronts the next.

I, a loathsome spectator
to this prodigious spectacular --
a duel of godly proportions.

This year marked by tsunamis and hurricanes,
earthquakes and gas prices;
This year, witness to a war paid with blood,
and lives plagued with bad luck.

The next fitted with potential and possibility;
boding timely well-wishes and resurrecting tired cliches;
The next, expectant at our doorsteps,
bearing allusions to auld lang syne.

I watch the fireworks and cast an inane wager --
in the morning,
it will be done.

©2005 b.cisek

Friday, December 30, 2005


A Collection of Political Cliches:

We're the greatest country in the world. We'll leave no child behind. Our children's future is at stake. It's time for a new beginning. Polls don't mean a thing. He cares about children and families. He connects with the soccer moms. Every vote is precious. Every vote is sacred. It's time for a change. With all due respect... we still have a lot to do. It's time for a change. The true test of character is how you handle adversity. It's time for real leadership. Let's celebrate diversity. Every vote counts. We must put this unfortunate chapter behind us.

©2005 b.cisek

pereant qui ante nos nostra dixerunt
(may they perish who have expressed their bright ideas before us)